Fresh and tasty – and worse

With all the gloomy news each day, I am sorry to have to admit that I not only spend time reading up on for instance recent events in Canada, what dreadful acts ISIS is capable of, that the Tesco black hole is even bigger than presumed (did their external accountant really not notice a thing), or that Ian Duncan Smith deems the majority of sufferers of MS or Parkinson and similar wasting diseases fit for work (so their benefits are cut, saving the UK government a lot of money).

No, I do read such stuff but somehow, my eyes also zoom in on less depressing news items. I’m not sure if this is a kind of automatic reflex to counterbalance the daily load of bad, worse, worst things reported, or something else I have to worry about. If you have a theory, feel free to leave a reaction.

Today, there were several items which caused my eyes to swerve from the serious to the ridiculous. First there was the report that a bear cub had gone shopping in an US supermarket.
Interestingly, it did not behave like human kids on the rampage, trying to cram as many cookies, sweets, chocolates, crisps into a mouth as it can possibly hold. Preferably all at the same time, with ice cream added as an afterthought.
No, it was interested in the greeting cards department. Had it been trying to select a card to send to its absent mum? Where had mum bear gone to anyway? (Guardian: bear cub)

Second came a look at the Telegraph’s “lost in translation sign language” column. It is a monthly regular and highly fascinating. As usual, there were several pics which really impressed me.
Number 7 made tears stream down my face (I laughed so much), it took a while to recover from nr 7, nr 13 I suppose to be an Asian version of Road Pizza, guess not even aliens dare park next to number 14, and after trying several angles – I gave up on nr 16. (Telegraph: Sign Language)
If you come across similar or better ones, please contact the Telegraph.

But what really had me sniggering today, was an Independent article on food. Junk food, to be precise. However, this item did not surprise me, as this specific country recently had its umpteenth food scandal. For quite a long time, meat supposedly from cattle had actually come from horses and been sold as beef all over the place.
Guess that nation no longer has any taste buds left. (Independent: fresh and tasty)




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