Classical Music Review: Concert by winners Princess Christina Concours

The free regular lunch concert by winners of the Princess Christina Concours in the Nieuwe Kerk The Hague, opened with a small speech by pianist Mattias Spee. He introduced a change in the program, which by now seems to have become compulsory to practically all fringe and lunch concerts.

The change in program was followed by a short but juicy introduction to the first piece and its composer: von Weber. With mr Spee at the piano and clarinettist Gerbrich Meijer, the concert then started with a performance of the Adagio from von Weber’s Clarinet concert nr 1, op 73. This went well enough, but for some microphone picking up ms Meijer’s breathing.

The second piece of this concert was a solo performance by mr Spee. He again gave some background information about the composer and the second piece of this concert. From Grieg’s piano sonata op 7 nr 2, mr Spee played the Finale. Again, this performance went nearly perfect.

The most impressive piece was also wittily introduced by mr Spee: Rachmaninov’s sonata op 19 for cello and piano. Mr Spee and Liesbeth Bosboom performed its Andante very movingly. Too bad, they did not have time to play the whole sonata.

The concert concluded with all three musicians playing Ludwich von Beethoven’s Trio for cello, clarinet and piano op 11. For a change, a witty introduction to this piece and its composer was apparently deemed unnecessary. The three musicians performed the “Gassenhauer” certainly “con brio”. Especially in the Tema con variazioni, the interaction between the three young people brought out its teasing, witty, capricious style.

As a dress-rehearsal for the performance by the three young musicians of the same pieces in Taiwan on the 6th of October, this concert went extremely well.

Nieuwe Kerk The Hague, Thursday 18th of September 2014, concert by three winners of the Princess Christina Concours:
Ms Liesbeth Bosboom cello; Youtube performance by ms Bosboom
Ms Gerbrich Meijer clarinet; Youtube performance by ms Meijer
Mr Mattias Spee piano; Youtube performance by mr Spee



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