Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: part 16

Fringe Concert: Divérbium Ensemble

I thought Plein 5 was one of the worst places of Tivoli-Vredenburg to perform? (See previous posts like part 15)There is another place in the building which should best be evaded. Should you be offered Pandora for a 2015 (fringe) concert – think twice!

There were the usual problems for people whose eyesight is not 100% or who have problems with walking or are in a wheelchair etc. To start with, the concrete steps are heavenly light blue. For someone who has a problem gauging depth, for instance, these concrete steps are a nightmare.

Going up to Pandora is one thing. Trying not to crash down the concrete stairs is quite another problem. There were also the by now familiar problems for other people with finding an elevator or the right elevator. Sign-posting can be improved throughout the building. The place was actually so new, the smell of paint was still strong. Or as someone mentioned “gosh, this is just or not even yet finished!”

The problem for musicians is far worse. High up in this space, are the ventilation shafts of the airco or the climate control system. This system can not be disconnected during a concert. So throughout a concert, there is this background droning going on to which musicians as well as public are forced to listen.

During the concert by the Divérbium Ensemble, people kept leaving and it was not just because they needed to hurry to one of the concerts which started halfway through this fringe concert. Quite a lot complained about the irritating noise. A few tried out different places in the hall. Many gave up after all this and simply left well before the concert had finished.

The public who sat out the concert were treated to the by now nearly standard changes in the program. The first piece actually was not by Corelli. What I think I heard above the humming irritating background noise was, that the opening sonata would be by Sicker (?) who got his “input” from Corelli. The second sonata was by Corelli, but would be played at the end of the concert.

In between these pieces, the audience was treated to sonata nr 6 TWV 42:D8 by Telemann, Triosonata Op 5 nr & “la Corelli” by Valentini, and Sonata op 5 nr 2 by Pietro Antonio Locatelli. Or as the title of this concert ran: “About Corelli”. What the exact influences and relations were to the theme, would have to be looked up after the concert.

In any case, most pieces were performed nicely enough, but not brilliantly or stunningly. Which was a bit of a let down for me, as Elisabeth Lochmann who played the violin, is a member of the Ensemble Weimar (see part 13) which had so impressed me at 11:00 that very same day.

So: it is not only choice of music which is all important and plays an important role for a successful fringe concert. Your “podium” or stage presentation is very important as well. But if you happen to be allocated the wrong location for your instrument (see for instance part   and articles in the Dutch national papers, or other blogs) or a lousy place like Plein 5 or Pandora: your chances of winning the Public’s Fringe Award become very slim.

Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014::Divérbium Ensemble, 3rd of September 2014, 15:30, Tivoli-Vredenburg, Pandora.

Divérbium Ensemble:
Enrica Sirigu traverso;
Elisabeth Lochmann violin;
Roberta Tagarelli harpsichord

Facebook page Divérbium Ensemble



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