Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: part 14

Fabulous Fringe Concert: Camerata Bachiensis

According to their calling card, Baroque music can be … spicy! They being the Camerata Bachiensis, who had the hard task to emulate or even surpass the previous Fabulous Fringe Concert by the Ensemble Weimar (see part 13). Did they succeed?

Judging from the reaction of the majority of the public at the Grote Zaal of Tivoli-Vredenburg after their concert: yes!

Personally, I loved the choice of music by Castello and Schmelzer far better. The performance of the Ensemble Weimar greatly impressed me. And last but not least: the Pieterkerk is a far more lovely and impressive venue, a period building with quite a history. Tivoli-Vredenburg is a modern building used for an Early Music Festival.

As with practically every fringe concert I attended, there were changes in the program. The theme of this concert was “Italian spring in Germany: Vivaldi meets Bach”. As with more fringe concerts: the title of the extra Vivaldi concerto was mentioned and that the concert would open with it. Then the program would follow as on the sheet. This introduction was reasonably audible, with a bit of background to the selected cantata: “non sa che sia dolore”. Not much, but at least that it was “Italian Bach”.

Vivaldi is of course a safe choice. A Bach cantata is often appreciated by the average Dutch classical music public. It was the first piece by Bach of this Early Music Festival for me. It must be said that Julia Kirchner, the ensemble’s soprano, has an impressive voice. It easily reached every nook and cranny of the Grote Zaal.

There was another standing ovation for the Camerata Bachiensis. They did deserve it, but personally, I preferred the Ensemble Weimar’s concert. Far more to my taste than the “spicy” rendering of Vivaldi and Bach by the Camerata Bachiensis on this day.

Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: Camerata Bachiensis, 3rd of September 2014, 12:30, Tivoli-Vredenburg, Grote Zaal.

Camerata Bachiensis:
Julia Kirchner, soprano
Roberto De Franceschi, traverso
Anne kaun, Friederike Lehnert, Magdalena Schenk-Bader, violins
Isolde Winter, Philipp Weihrauch, cello
Julia Chmielewska, harpsichord

Website Camerata Bachiensis



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