Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: part 9

Fringe concert: Divertimenti Consort

If I was not that happy with the fringe concert by the Amsterdam Correllli Collective (see part 8) – yes: worse was to come.

Tuesday the 2nd of September, I hurried to the Utrecht Centraal Museum. The first fringe concert of the day was to be held in their “Tuinkamer” or garden chamber. This large room had recently been repainted: you smelled it. But this was not the problem. It is an airy, light room with a view of the museum’s large garden as well as having windows looking out at the street.

No, when I checked the program-sheet, I noticed familiar names. When the first musicians of the Divertimenti Consort filed past me, I knew it. At least one face was familiar from the last fringe concert of the previous day – as part of the Amsterdam Corelli Collective!

Regardless, Dodó Kis, recorder, took the time to mention what the consort was going to play. Well – that we found on the program and her introduction was non that audible. The titles of the pieces and composers’ names were everything the public was told. That does not please.

The concerto in d FaWV L d7 of Johann Friedrich Fasch was played by Dodó Kis, alba Encinas, Miron Andres and Jeanne Jourquin. The Divertimenti Consort changed musicians to play a piece by Georg Philipp Telemann (nr 9 TWV 43 G4). Sure enough: more familiar faces for me, when more members of the Amsterdam Corelli Collective started to play. This time it was Dodó Kis, Raquel Martorell Dorta, Alba Encinas, Zaynab Martin, Jeanne Jourquin. They all played well enough but …

After just two pieces and less than 30 minutes … the fringe concert had ended, was over, was finished!

In the rows in front of me and behind me, the grumbling and complaining started. Just half an hour, when fringe concerts should last at least 45  to 60 minutes?

I know quite a few regular Early Music Festival lovers travel from far to attend a day of concerts. When they arrive for the first fringe concert, they may already have a journey of several hours behind them. Some fans even travel from other countries to attend just one or two days of fringe and other concerts.

To dare treat an audience to such a paltry concert?!
To dare play just 30 minutes, half an hour – while other groups play the requested 45 minutes, usually 60 minutes plus an occasional encore?!
And then to ask for money?
This was an insult not only to the audience, but to fellow fringe musicians as well.

No idea what the rest of the audience did. I refused to donate any money, walked out of the museum’s garden room, went to Tivoli-Vredenburg – plenty time for this – and filed a complaint with the organisation. I was that disgusted.

Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: Divertimenti Consort, 2nd of September 2014, 11:00, Centraal Museum, tuinkamer.

Utrecht Centraal Museum

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