Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: part 10

Fabulous Fringe Concert: Ensemble des Rencontres Baroques de Montfrin

Still fuming, perhaps you noticed the smoke coming from my ears and nostrils if you passed me while I was stamping to Tivoli-Vredenburg to file my complaint (see part 9), I went to find a nice place in the venue’s Grote Zaal.

Though Utrecht’s Centraal Museum is on the edge of Utrecht’s old town centre, the dirty trick pulled by the Divertimenti Consort meant, I and the rest of their audience had over an hour before the next fringe concert started. This was another fabulous fringe one.

Well: the concert by members of the Ensemble des Rencontres Baroques de Montfrin managed to totally obliterate the Divertimenti Consort’s bad impression!

This fabulous fringe concert was sheer bliss!

The ensemble used not only podium but also the balcony behind it to perform their selection of music from 17th century Rome. This gave added depth to the female voices. The ensemble had also divided their chosen music according to two themes. One theme was religion, passion, desire. The second theme was love, regret, death.

What they treated their audience to was sheer breath-taking, heavenly music performed brilliantly. Not only of a technically high standard, but also expressing emotions and even acting these out.  This ensemble totally, quite rightly, is part of the fabulous fringe concerts. They were far more than just fabulous and the public regularly remained over-awed or dazed after songs had ended, before starting to applaud.

Of course, the ensemble received an extremely long but totally deserved standing ovation and were called back by their public. This was a mind-bowling rendering of 17th century music. These young musicians came very, very close to the professional Huelgas Ensemble with its years and years of training and performing experience.

The music performed were tunes and songs by Giovanni Giovenale Ancina, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Tomás Luis de Victoria and Giovanni Batista Bovicelli, Domenico Mazzocchi in the first part of the concert. Composers of the second part of the concert were Giovanni Giovenale Ancina, Giovanni Francesco Anerio, Antonio Cifra, Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger, Luca Marenzio and Giovanni Bassano.

I hope there were talent scouts among the dazed audience, for if this ensemble has not yet been contracted they certainly deserve to be.

Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014: Ensemble des Rencontres Baroques de Montfrin, 2nd of September 2014, 12:30, Tivoli-Vredenburg, Grote Zaal.

Ensemble des Rencontres Baroques de Montfrin consited of:
Delia Agúndez, Esther Labourdetto
Katarina Vukadinovik
Emilio Aguilar, Jonathan Alvarado
Bastiaan Witsenburg
Lina Manrique
Dana howe James
Ryoko Katayama
Andrés Locatelli

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the webpage of the above combination of musicians of the Ensemble des Rencontres Baroques de Montfrin. However, you will be able to find plenty information about previous summer schools, concerts, performances on internet.



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