Early Music Festival Utrecht: part 7

Fringe concert: Ensemble Trença

So there I was: at Tivoli-Vredenburg after a slightly disappointing concert (see part 6). My next fringe concerts took place in the same large venue, though in different places.

Just before 14:00, I sat down at what is called Plein 5. As I remarked earlier (see part 3), venues like café-restaurants are not ideal for concerts. Apparently, this is one of the points the organisation of the Early Music Festival refuses to learn. Plein 5 in Tivoli-Vredenburg should be shut down as concert venue. Not only are the seats wooden steps of stairs. It is slightly below, but still within hearing of the large café-restaurant of Tivoli-Vredenburg. If you are reading this and thinking about taking part in 2015 fringe concerts: make sure you don’t end up at Plein 5. Your talent deserves better.

Fortunately, ensemble Trença will perform Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 as well. For they are brilliant! Especially Pere Olivé, who takes care of the percussion.

The introduction, changes in the program and interesting background information were totally drowned out by the clutter and noise of not only the café-restaurant but also repair or maintenance – yes repair or maintenance – sounds in the background!

To make matters worse, someone in the audience became unwell. So volunteers and security had to be called towards the end of the concert. But as this was a free concert, the stairs were full of people wanting to enjoy the music. A nightmare for the husband of the woman who had a seizure – as well as for staff and audience. It is to be hoped the poor woman made a full recovery.

The theme of this concert was medieval and renaissance music in Firenze with music from composers of the 14th and 15th century. As stated above, the percussion was totally mind bowling, but the other musicians performed splendidly as well!

They started with an anonymous tune “Isabella”. This was followed by music by Andrea da Firenze, Gherardello da Firenze, Paolo da Firenze and Magister Zacharias. At least, as far as the program was not changed.

Unfortunately, I am unable to hear this ensemble again. So I can only hope to hear them next year.
Early Music Festival Utrecht: Ensemble Trença, 1st of September 2014, 14:00 Tivoli-Vredenburg, Plein 5.

Facebook Trença Ensemble
Youtube Ensemble Trença





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