Early Music Festival Utrecht, part 4

After “landing” back on earth in the Winkel van Sinkel at the end of the “From Italy to Bohemia” concert by ensemble La Luciminia (see part 3), I walked back to Tivoli-Vredenburg. This time, I had to go several floors up, to the Herz Zaal. Ensamble del Nuevo Mundo was to take me and the rest of their large audience on musical journeys between Spain, Mexico, Chili and other South American countries and regions.

Unfortunately, the festival organisation had apparently not counted on a very large audience. By the time I reached the Herz Zaal, there were no program-sheets left. So I am unable to name performers, composers, selected pieces. But as there had been last-minute changes to the program as well as changes to the combination of group members taking part in this concert – I am not sure how much it mattered.

All I can tell you is, that if ever you have a chance to attend one of this group’s concerts: please go! The audience was unable to keep their feet from tapping or keep their bodies from swinging along with the captivating Spanish and Latin American tunes. It is extremely difficult to select what I liked best, but a day later, I am still involuntarily tapping feet when I remember parts of tunes Ensamble del Nuevo Mundo played from the Andes region.

The group members as well as many of the pieces they performed were neatly introduced. This is handy when musical influences are travelling back and forth between continents. After all – some years ago, the complete Festival of Ancient Music was about the cross influences between the European and Latin America continents.

I would have loved to buy a cd by this group, but on asking one of its members, it turns out they have not yet recorded one. And that, I guess, was my biggest and only disappointment of this irresistible fringe concert!

The next fringe performance by Ensamble del Nuevo Mundo is again at the Hertz Zaal of Tivoli-Vredenburg, on Sunday 31st of August at 15:30. It is to be hoped that the audience attending this concert will be as unable to keep their feet from tapping along with the delightful tunes. If you think ancient music is stuffy, attend an Ensamble del Nuevo Mundo concert!

Utrecht Festival Ancient Music: Ensamble del Nuevo Mundo, 30th August 2014, 15:30, Tivoli-Vredenburg, Herz Zaal.

YouTube has several excerpts of music played by Ensamble del Nuevo Mundo. The ensamble has its own Facebook page.


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