Early Music Festival Utrecht 2014, part 3

From the “in more ways than one” exciting fabulous fringe concert by la Danserey (see part 2), I sauntered along one of Utrecht’s beautiful canals to the next concert. This took place in the café-restaurant “Winkel van Sinkel”.

If you have read posts about the 2013 concerts of this Early Music Festival, you know the concerts took place in the middle of the café. This often greatly interfered with concerts. Sometimes a whole performance could hardly be heard.

However, ensemble La Luciminia’s concert took place in a large room on the café-restaurant’s first floor. The room had top to bottom French windows, which allowed a brilliant view across the canal to Utrecht’s old Town Hall, other canals, and the medieval Dom church with its tall church tower. With a stucco ceiling and other period features, this room should have been used as a fringe venue years earlier!

La Luciminia took their audience on an extremely delightful journey from Italy to Bohemen, starting with an early 17th Vestiva I colli by Francesco Rognoni Taeggio. Each piece the ensemble played was neatly introduced by Céline Virgils with relevant information about the composer, influences, background. As not every one in the public is well versed in the ancient music field or familiar with who influenced whom how and where – such an introduction or explanation is very welcome.

Via toccata nr 2 by Frescobaldi and sonata nr 2 “La Luciminia Contenta” by Uccellini, the audience was introduced to Biber through the passacaglia of his Rosenkranzsonata 16, followed by sonata nr 2 “La Cesta” by Mealli and ended this journey with sonata nr 4 by Schmelzer.

Of these pieces, all beautifully performed by the two ladies of this ensemble, it was the Biber interpretation which impressed the public so much it took them a short while to recover in silence and start applauding. Tinne Albrectsen greatly impressed as she managed to mix classical violin play with the more emotional, haunting kind of Hungarian or gypsy style.

Utrecht Festival Ancient Music : Ensemble La Luciminia 30th August 2014, 14:00, Winkel van Sinkel 1st floor room.

The ensemble consists of
Tinne Albrectsen violin
Céline Virgils harpsichord

Unfortunately enough, I was unable to find the ensemble La Luciminia’s website on posting.


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