Russia’s response to recent sanctions

There you are: nearly caught being actively involved in shooting about 300 innocent people out of the air.

Okay, you manage to extract yourself out of it by claiming you were not directly involved in shooting MH17 down. There are no direct connections – so it seems. You hurriedly got the army machinery back across the border into your country to have it destoyed.Okay, there were a few odd pictures and films on YouTube showing that equipment in the right place sporting Russian flags – but no hard evidence.

There were folks you sent into the country to destabilize one of its regions and whom your supported in similar circumstances, who bleated all over the internet they had downed that plane. Ahh… you managed to get the websites sanitized. So there’s now nothing to link you, the Kremlin, Russia directly to a war crime.

The thugs you support ensured nobody was allowed to visit the crash site and certainly no officials and experts. This enabled the separatists you support, to collect and use credit cards, obtain passports, personal belongings, whatever – as well as to hold the crash site and bodies hostage.

A rumour was launched you are no longer in control of these separatists. Which should be read that you did not put enough pressure on the side you supported and continue to support, to stop fighting. So when experts were finally allowed into the region, it still took days for them to be able to start their work. Not that this mattered much, for by now it is clear to the world that this plane was shot out of the air – but hey: no direct link to you, the Kremlin, the Russian Army, Russia.

You know most governments and politicians have no backbone, so you moan a bit about being an innocent victim. You moan some more about sanctions the world finally agreed you deserve and – you announce you’re going to hit back.

So the cause and reason for the world’s sanctions are forgotten. Your puppet now announces an immediate import ban on meat, fish and dairy items from EU, US, Australia, Canada and Norway for a year. Most of these countries of course had innocent civilians blown out of the air by your trigger-happy separatists or army, but hey: that is no longer the point.

You also consider a ban on European airlines flying to Asia over Siberia.
Well, the first ban will of course hit the Russian people. The other ban might be a good idea. It might prevent planes full of innocent victims being blown out of the air, ending up as wreckage in Russia.

For if – as you claim mr Putin – your country is totally not involved in training separatists to use sophisticated Russian military equipment to shoot MH17 out of the air, it must have been trigger-happy, trained Russian soldiers. For I can’t imagine the Ukraine army downing its own army planes using that equipment, only a few days before MH17 exploded. So actually, it might be rather healthy for the rest of the world, not to land, not to take off, not to fly over Russia at all.



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