Laptop thefts 9: ripples

About two weeks after the theft, the immediate after-effects were becoming clear. It was like the effect of a stone having been thrown into a pond. I suspected the fanning out ripples had only just started.  (See earlier posts, starting from part 1)

We tenants had been used to leaving doors open, trusting nobody would violate privacy and territory. That had already started to change before the theft. With maintenance guys showing up unannounced, members of groups renting rooms on the ground floor level deciding to have a decco and wandering everywhere, plus other incidents – most of the time I was not on the right floor, the doors of my place were locked. They were always locked, when I left the premises.

My gold coloured watch with brown leather straps, as well as a bracelet had gone missing several weeks ago? I still had not located them. Before the theft, I had presumed they would be somewhere among my belongings. But now I was no longer sure. I never locked doors, when I went showering – giving anyone free access to rummage through belongings for a considerable time. I started to lock my door even when going for a shower.

The victim had started to lock her doors about two days after the theft. She locked them, even when needing to go to the bathroom.

Another tenant, who had been out of the house during the laptop theft, had started to lock her doors even when she had to cross the landing.

Interaction between various tenants had always run up and down a scale from ice-age cold to spending days on end in each other’s rooms. Interaction between some tenants had been maintained by using layers of false goodwill and hypocrite attitudes.  Now cracks were starting to appear.

I suspected these would increase and fraught relations would not benefit from what had occurred. Some tenants were already suspected more than others in this affair.

As things did not look bright for me, on receiving an evellope with an “invitation” to come to a local police station, I decided to seek advise.


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