Laptop thefts 6: memory playing tricks?

After having been treated by the police thug as the laptop thief, instead of an innocent witness, I hardly slept. (See part 1 and related posts.)

Early Sunday morning, what had been jarring popped to the surface.Was I dreaming? Was my memory playing tricks? Or was I right and had the phrase about bucket and camera been used before? (See part 3)

Like the person working somewhere downstairs Monday morning, the camera had dropped out of the story. The victim and miss spare-key had told me, not only the two window cleaners had been working in the house and at the back. They had told me someone else had been working at ground floor level, at the back.
I had seen the window cleaners. I had never seen that other person.

The laptop had gone missing Monday morning.
Tuesday morning, the victim had told me she also missed a camera.

Was my memory right and had there been an earlier theft of a camera?
A theft of a camera from the same table, the same room, the same person – but much earlier?

If the thug was right, that very same person had lied to me about the window cleaners having been interviewed at the police station Tuesday afternoon at 15:00. Had she been playing some kind of sich joke? (See part 5)

Or had the lie been part of his intimidation to make an innocent witness crack and admit to a deed she had not done, because it suited and solved his case?

Had a camera been stolen as well as the laptop?
Had another camera been stolen as well, but a while ago ?

If my memory was not playing tricks, when had that earlier theft occurred? I seemed to vaguely remember a discussion between me, my upstairs neighbour, and possibly her spare-key friend.
If my memory was not playing tricks, I had been standing on their landing, close to the stairs.
Someone else had been suspected. If the phrase about bucket and camera had been used earlier, it had also been a window cleaner.

I wanted to check my memory, so a large part of my Sunday was spent skimming the diaries I keep.
But either the theft had occurred before I had started living there.
Or it had occurred during the stressful time when I was juggling my problems and caring for a sick relative.
It had been a fraught and exhausting time, during which my life and problems and not had priority and the relative had.
There were long, blank periods between entries and apparently, nothing about a camera.

Yet I felt pretty sure, the suggestion a bucket might have been involved in removing a camera from the house, was not new.

However, I doubted police would bother checking earlier thefts.
They had a suitable scapegoat, while expenses remained within budget and case solved would enhance their monthly crime solving targets.

That I was not involved and totally innocent, was of no importance at all.


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