Wrong impression

A few weeks ago, I walked to the place where I stall my bike. Last year, at least two tenants developed a new hobby of wrecking my bike. I knew who were involved, but still can’t proof it.

I now stall my bike at a public spot in front of a row of office buildings. Cameras keep an eye on the offices. Anything odd, suspect, illegal will be registered. Wrecking my bike without being caught has become more complicated. However, there is a drawback.

Rounding a corner, I bumped into an office worker smoking a cigarette.
I apologized about my bike being there.
Was told it didn’t matter; I wasn’t the only one needing a safe space.
We got chatting.

Boss was making life difficult for smokers. No; it’s not about smoking. Smoking in the office is prohibited. So smokers and non-smokers went outside together for short breaks. They used to sit on and stand around window-sills; smoking, chatting, drinking a coffee or tea.
In my various jobs, this used to be called a team-building activity.

All had been hunky-dory – till Google Streetview rounded the corner during one of such breaks. The team-building activity had been filmed; without permission, consent, notification – of course.
For since when is Google interested in an individual or group’s privacy – or thinks through the consequences of any of its activities for the rest of the world.
The company is focussed on making money.

Boss had googled his office one day. He had used Streetview. He’d gone ballistic.
In reality, his staff is hard-working and dedicated – but this does no longer matter.
Streetview gives the wrong impression they are smoking and drinking coffee or tea outside 24/7.

He could not ban smoking. He curbed group-activities.
Groups of over 1 person taking a break are now prohibited.

Interesting: the roof terrace and premises are used by … a rabbit.
It has free access everywhere. Staff occasionally nearly trot on, or stumble over it.
It prefers to spend most of its time on the roof terrace.

Guess who its owner is?

Rabbit is not exactly potty-trained: the roof terrace is used.
This saves its boss a lot of time.

It blows in this country?
The pavement is covered by a layer of rabbit pooh and some non-finished lettuce and carrots.
The layer of dung is roughly four to five meters long and two meters broad.

It rains and blows in this country?
You can guess the mess.

Boss thinks more than one staff taking a break in front of his office gives a bad impression?
What kind of impression does rabbit dung on the pavement give passers-by having to walk over, or wade through it?

Boss doesn’t mind: rabbit dung – dry or wet – does not show on Google Streetview.
A Google shot of happy people sharing a break and cleaning up empty cups and cigarette butts after themselves?
That gives a wrong impression.


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