So here goes

So here goes … again!

Hard to believe, but I used to be fairly active on wordpress. Then lots of things got me sidetracked. Oh, I did receive mails to warn me my previous blog would be deleted. But hey: I wasn’t that pleased with it in the end.

Nothing wrong with starting with a clean slate. So here goes: a new blog for my new adventures. Hope this will keep you informed of  “extraordinary” events in my ordinary life.

Right now, to be honest, I’m totally lost. WordPress has evolved, while I went on a sabathical of months, or maybe a year or two. So I’m on a (re)discovery tour. The desktop has totally changed for a start. Lots of fancy buttons to try out as well.

Oh dear, hope I don’t mess up things too much. Am not that into tutorials nor walk throughs.
So that’s a promising start for creating unwanted events.

Hope you can find me! That’s the most important bit.
And if you do … that you’ll find some posts amusing, funny, entertaining, perhaps even inspiring.
Though I doubt the latter will ever happen.

To be honest: it’d just be great if you read a post and it makes you smile.

So here goes: welcome and enjoy!


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